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About Me

My name is David Solomita and I currentIy live and work in San Francisco.  I have a very varied and eclectic background but throughout my life there has been a central aesthetic that continues to surface through my artwork.

I have been working in large format prints that are images of sculptural objects that I create with plays of light and shadow. These images are typically printed at 30" X 40" with some larger where appropriate.  The aim is to create a diaphanous sense of space that will draw the participant in.

Having lived most of my life in  NYC (only 8 years in SF) I have  extensive years of teaching over many different disciplines including Fine Arts, Drawing, Animation and Video at a college level.  In addition to teaching I was also the Director of Continuing Education at Parsons School of Design as well as the Director of Media and Instructional Technology at Teachers College Columbia University.